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What is this? and what do i plan to do with it?


I wanted to develop a simple physics engine and create a fun game. Space game is a firs draft that I have tried on my tablet running Android 3.1 and on my phone running Android 2.1. It runs all right on my tablet but lags severely on my phone. The game is using the physics classes that I release as open source in the Open space project.

I have also developed a dual player game where you use two old mobile phones as remote controls connected to an android tablet running the game.

The game is called Bluetooth Space. 


The physics engine simulates 2D physics for planets, atoms and other particles. The particles interact through force fields and collisions. The force fields have the forms 1/r^n, r^n and A/r^n - B/r^m. These fields can be used to i.e. simulate gravitation, harmonic oscillators, and the atomistic Lennard Jones potential.
When the particles collide they merge, bounce or split into more particles. It is also possible for the particles to have negative masses.
The idea is to make fun and interesting games using very simple physics.


This is my to do list

  • Fix some bugs.
  • The game has a story line which i will integrate with it.
  • Add more levels and start to sell the game on Google Play.
  • Wright an API.
  • Make an education version.









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Under construction